La increible historia del Rab Grossman con los paracaidistas
They survived with the Rabbi’s blessing to return home safe and sound
July 9, 2020
During the second Lebanon War Rabbi Grossman

14 years ago, the second Lebanon War broke out in the north of Israel. Rabbi Yitzhak David Grossman, founder of Migdal Ohr, formed an incredible connection with the 85th paratroopers brigade. He maintains his incredible connection with them to this day.

Here's the Lieutenant's account:

"On the only day off that we had, we showed up to Migdal Ohr in Migdal HaEmek. We got off the buses and couldn't believe our eyes. There was a tall chasidic Jew, a rabbi, with side curls, wearing the hat, and full chasidic garb. He had a warm, inviting smile but none of us were expecting that at all.

"Hey guys!", the rabbi's words echoed. "I suggest you jump into the pool to freshen up. In the meantime, we'll make you something to eat." Suddenly, we found ourselves at tables full of cold watermelon, cakes, drinks... and they kept bringing more. Cheeses, vegetables, fresh rolls - the food just kept coming. We rested and started to calm down from the heat of combat.

That evening, the rabbi asked us to participate in ceremony for the writing of a Torah scroll. We all agreed to take part. After the ceremony, Rabbi Grossman lifted his hands and said, "Know my dear sons," his voice trembled, "that because of the famous verse 'Hear O'Israel' that you read, the tefillin that you put on, the letters in the Torah that you wrote, and because of the fact that you will be emissaries to do a Mitzvah, I promise you that God will help you to come back safe and sound. None of you will be injured or killed." His words became prophesy, whether he knew it or not.

"Know my dear sons," his voice trembled … “I promise you that God will help you to come back safe and sound. None of you will be injured or killed." 

After two weeks, the war was finally over. At 2am, we called the rabbi and told him what happened. A righteous man had interceded on our behalf and G-d decreed accordingly. Somehow, we were all safe and sound. We reported right back to Migdal HaEmek and stayed up all night telling Rabbi Grossman about the open miracles that happened to us. None of us will ever forget those times."

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