Rabbi Grossman Gives the New Minister of Education a Tour
National News
June 22, 2020

We are honored that the newly appointed Minister of Education, Yoav Galant, came to tour and learn about Migdal Ohr this week. We were one of the first stops on MK Galant’s tour of schools and institutions in Israel to prepare for his time in office.

MK Galant was particularly interested in learning about the challenges of operating schools during the COVID-19 pandemic and was impressed by the precautions being taken to protect our students and teachers. He said, "I have admired Rabbi Grossman ever since I learned about his work."

Lighting the Way throughout the Pandemic

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Migdal Ohr schools worked closely with the Israeli Government to:

• Make sure that orphans and children at-risk could safely stay at Migdal Ohr with their dorm families. We enforced the highest standard of compliance and never fully closed. 

• Keep Zoharim Youth Village open the entire time so that even alumni who had no homes to go to could safely come back from army service to quarantine there. 

• Create a model seder with Rabbi Grossman for all public school students to watch in preparation for Passover.

We are proud to continue our strong collaboration with the government and hope that our example lights the way for other institutions who are educating and empowering Israel's children.

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